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Bangkok Tattoo Cost & Prices in Thailand ?

HOW MUCH DOES A BANGKOK TATTOO COST ?Frequently asked questions

FAQS / Most frequent questions and answers

The price of a tattoo depends first of all on its characteristics: Its creation, its size, colors and positioning on the body.

What is the tattoo price / Quote of a tattoo ? How to estimate your budget ?

1-Size of the design.
Small design (Minimalist is a delicate work).
Medium size design. (time to evaluate between 30 minutes and 2 hours.)
Large design. (The larger the tattoo, the longer it will take to complete the design).

2- The color.
it can be black and white, degraded in gray or in color.

3- Where on the body.
Some parts of the body require more time for a realization of the design these are places where the skin is fine, (wrists, ankles, hands, feet, elbows, knees etc …)

4- Design.
A complex creation requires more time, more ink.
A simple design just with a few lines and a few gradients will be faster.
A design with many lines and many details, full of colors or with many gradations will be longer for its realization.

5- Unique tattoos customize or reproductions of a model?
To choose your tattoo design, you have the choice between taking an existing pattern or using the tattoo artist’s creativity.

The tattoo called “flash” is to reproduce identically a pattern already created by another tattoo artist or designer.
The unique tattoo.

In this case, from a photo, a drawing, or even a simple idea, the tattoo artist will be able to draw you a unique and personalized motif. This one can be modified before the actual tattooing. 

How Much Do a Tattoo Cost in Bangkok Thailand ?

Small tattoo (mini minimal minimalist).
Starts at 1,000 bath / 2,000 bath.

Medium size tattoo & Large tattoo. (Size A4, A3 whole arms, whole legs etc ..)
Please use the page contact us or send message with facebook or also Instagram, if you have any questions about the price, it all depends on the size / details / position and design. Thank you

The price changes and will not be the same if have to do just the design in black and gray, that a tattoo that will be totally all in color and more ranges of colors and time.

We will quote for your design and the price will be fixed.
And we always offer the opportunity to talk together about your budget and the final price nothing is engraved in the marble. 

The appointments are free.
To meet us and to talk about your project.
Ask us by mail or phone when can you receive.

Work with sketches, draw an entire arm or others requires time,
like making A4-A3 Etc size designs …with an artistic conception.

We will start the design and your unique creation, once your deposit will be done.
(ps: no need to email us, and ask to make a creation for an entire back for free).

The payment of the deposit requires you to be present (and at the appointed time) the day of the appointment.

All deposit paid is cashed and will not be paid.
Any appointment not honored resulted in the loss of the deposit.

Any appointment not moved 7 days in advance will result in the loss of the deposit and a new deposit will be required to set a new appointment.

We can accept that you are a little late on the day of your appointment,
please send us a message, or notify us by phone.

(Please understand that we also have engaments with other customers, and we have respected our schedule appointment).

If you do not warn us, once a delay of one hour has passed, you will lose your deposit and your appointment will be canceled.

We can agree to an unspecified reason, you need to change the day of your appointment.
You must inform us 7 days in advance. Otherwise you lose your deposit.

For more information please contact us.
Thanks for your understanding. 

We accept cash.
Payment Available With Paypal.
We accept payments by bank account with that banks of Thailand.
(Banks available Kasikorn Bank, Scb Bank)

You can pay with Facebook for your tattoo creation order & booking appointment.

For all requests of creation of large size.
They will be asked for a deposit before each project start.
Your deposit will be deducted on the final price of your tattoo.

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