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Lists of products used at the shop

All our products are high quality and specially for tattoo, you can see the list material use and where they come from.
For us, working with the best products on the market is a security that we want our customers.

High Level Medical Surface Disinfectant.
All used products are thrown in the trash,
after the tattoo session, such as gloves, masks, ink caps, Wooden tongue depressors, examination sheets, surface protection, plastics

Unigloves Black - Unigloves Surgical Mask, Black - Unigloves Protection

Anchored Stencil Solution is done to be able to apply the stencil on your skin

The stencil Spirit made in usa to deposit on your skin the design

Intenze Cleanze Tattoo - Gentle Tattoo Soap Care

Vaseline Intensive

CareWooden Tongue Depressors

Cellophane rollPlastic

Tattoo Ink Caps

Dettol Hygiene Disinfectant

Unigloves Black Select Black​

Unigloves Black Select Black​
The Gloves We Love use Unigloves Black Select
Our Select Black gloves are a range of black, single use gloves, designed and engineered by Unigloves and supplied to tattoo artists around the world.
Inspired by the creativity, skill and diversity of tattoo artists; we have been perfecting our Select Black gloves for over 25 years, so they maximise barrier protection, comfort, grip and dexterity leaving time for the artist to focus on creating beautiful tattoos.
Better for your skin
Select Black gloves are manufactured using our unique Advanced production method, a proprietary process that make our gloves softer, easier to don, and more comfortable in use than standard gloves, while significantly reducing risks of allergies.
Wrist and forearm protection

Unigloves Surgical mask, black​

Unigloves Surgical mask, black​
The black leather mask "Black Dragon 2.0" by Unigloves combines a very effective protection and an elegant design. Thanks to its adjustable nose clip and soft ear loops, this surgical mask offers you a high level of comfort. 

Unigloves protection surface pads papers

Unigloves protection surface pads papers
The black Unigloves protective pads are waterproof and are ideally suited as protection for changing dressings, as a support for baby scales or as patient towels in the dental office. The top is very soft and the PE coating on the underside prevents the infiltration of liquids.

Cellophane roll

Cellophane roll 
we use a roll of cellophane to pack some worktop for surface protection after being disinfected with antibacterial products

Anchored Stencil Solution

Anchored Stencil Solution 
A good tattoo begins with a good stencil. After years of development and testing, Nikko Hurtado would like to present Anchored. Using his years of knowledge and a few years of trial and error, we are confident that we have come up with a stencil solution you are going to love.

Anchored Stencil solution will produce clear, crisp lines so your stencil is a more accurate representation of your original drawing. Just as importantly, the stencil will stick for hours as you perform your work, relieving you of having to worry about how the last line of that stencil is going to hold up.

The stencil we use Spirit made in usa​

The stencil we use Spirit made in usa​
• Compatible with all thermal printers
• Consistent, high quality images
• Skin safe & shelf-stable
• Certified Vegan
Spirit® Thermal Tattoo Transfer Papers are made for the professional artist. From our high visibility purple dyes to our ripstop stencil sheets, we use only the highest quality materials.
Every time we manufacture, we test to ensure that the finished product meets our standard for excellence; if it doesn't, we don't sell it.
And we manufacture everything here in the United States, just like we have since 1948. 

Intenze Cleanze Tattoo ​

Intenze Cleanze Tattoo
INTENZE's signature skin soothing solution. INTENZE Cleanze reduces redness and cools down skin during the tattoo process. Nothing cleans better than INTENZE Cleanze!
We take your's and your clients’ health and safety very seriously. To see the full list of ingredients for any of our products, visit our Material Safe Data Sheets page. 

Gentle Tattoo Soap Care​

Gentle Tattoo Soap Care​
This products is very good for cleaning your skin before and after tattooing 

Vaseline Intensive Care​

Vaseline Intensive Care
Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly Original is clinically proven to help heal dry, damaged skin
Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly provides dry skin relief and protects minor cuts
Made with 100% pure petroleum jelly. Purity is guaranteed with our triple-purified formula
Vaseline® Jelly can be used on dry skin, stressed skin, and sensitive skin 

Wooden Tongue Depressors​

Wooden Tongue Depressors​
we use wooden tongue depressor to take Vaseline with this tools, after each use this finished products in the trash 

Plastic Tattoo Ink Caps

Plastic Tattoo Ink Caps
Plastic tattoo ink capsules is used and once finished the tattoo session will end up in the trash directly


Helps kill bacteria Ideal for cleaning items such as equipment for children. Or mixed bathing Eliminates the bacteria- Disinfectant
- for cleaning up water supplies or water
- Can be versatile 

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