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Lettering Typography Calligraphy Tattoos 

At Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13, the tattoo of personalized lettering or calligraphy, typography, or a long sentence or text in script.

These tattoos are in great demand by many customers who visit the tattoo shop in Bangkok. For a remarkable memory, to write names or a symbolic sentence, we have requests in all styles.

We make different custom designs or a typography that you like a lot,
we can write in Thai with a check with several people to make sure the translation is good.

You can not translate everything from English or other languages around the world into Thai. If you wanted exactly the same thing, it works in some cases and sometimes it is not possible, and doing translations with Google does not guarantee that the translation is correct.

We also do calligraphy in Tibetan or Chinese and Japanese.

In graffiti style or models of custom designs in mexican chicanos. Calligraphy in Roman or Latin are very often asked. The Chicanoset graffiti styles are our favorite, they require more time on the tattoo design to make a perfect rendering.

Come speak directly with us about your tattoo design project at the studio.

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