About Us Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Thailand

We give birth to your tattoo ideas by sharing our creativity, professionalism and long experience in the skills and art of tattooing.

Working both Asia and Europe, tattooing is our passion and we turn your ideas into pieces of art.
We know that each person is unique and our highly trained tattoo artists encourage creating a personal story between you and your tattoo.

As with any artistic endeavour, in order to create an original and custom design, we think it is important to take the time to talk together about your future project since you will be at the heart of the creative process.

We recommend making an appointment, so that we can estimate the time it will take based on height, placement,(size, complexity), style and design of the tattoo.

Based on your ideas and wishes, we start the process of creating your tattoo by drawing your project on paper and presenting it to you to visualise it more clearly.

We welcome you into a comfortable, relaxed and safe environment private tattoo studio, where the safety of our customers is paramount, and our tattoo artists are skilled in the essentials of health and hygiene.

Our equipment is of the highest quality, complying with European and US safety norms. Our needles are packaged, new and sterilized, while our inks come from Europe and the U.S

Our goal is your satisfaction and to wholeheartedly share with you our passion for the art of tattooing.

Welcome in our Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 In Thailand.

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