– Keep the plastic film maximum 3 hours after tattooing.

– Always wash your hands before touching your tattoo during the healing period.

– To clean your new tattoo use a neutral or antibacterial PH neutral soap.

– No swimming pool, no bath, no hot water.

– No swimming ocean, do not immerse your tattoo in water, during healing.

– Do not run the shower water for a long time on the tattoo.

– Always wash your tattoo carefully and gently with the palm of the hand all in lightness.

– After washing your tattoo gently, dry the tattoo by dabbing lightly with a soft towel.

– Do not rub the tattoo.

– You do not let people touch your new tattoo.

– Do not scratch the crusts that form, they must fall by themselves.

– Enemy number 1, the sun.

– No exposure to the sun should be achieved until at least one month.

– Let your tattoo breathe.

– To help heal the tattoo for the next days, remember to leave it in the open air.

– Do not put a bandage or a new plastic film.

– Take prefer large clothes, cotton if possible, to limit the friction.

– Use only the creams that your tattoo artist advises you.

– No sports or gym activities and force on the area of your new tattoo.

– Do not carry heavy loads with backpacks or others on your tattoo.

The tattoo requires daily maintenance to preserve all its beauty.

Your tattoo artist will give you the tips to take care of your tattoo.

Aftercare at Bangkok tattoo studio 13 Thailand

Before getting a tattoo, there are things essential to ensure a quality tattoo.

-How should i prepare before My Tattoo?

Make sure to relax, get a good night's sleep, and stay well hydrated and well-fed.
It's important to have energy for your body, so it's recommended to eat a healthy meal before coming for your tattoo sessions.
Avoid caffeine, alcohol, and aspirin, especially for long tattoo sessions.

-Do I need to eat before getting a tattoo?

Yes, it is important to eat a healthy meal before coming for your tattoo sessions.
Having energy for your body is essential.
Not recommended to come fasting and not eat.
For long tattoo sessions come with a few things to get you back up if for a moment you have a drop in energy.
Avoid caffeine, alcohol and aspirin.

-What clothes should i wear for my first tattoo?

Wear something comfortable and loose, preferably made of cotton and not white, to avoid staining.
We want you to feel relaxed during the tattoo session.

-Does getting a tattoo hurt?

The level of pain varies from person to person, but we work lightly and gently to ensure your comfort.
Try to get a good night's sleep the day before your tattoo and be well-rested and relaxed.
Do not consume alcohol, drugs, or caffeine before your tattoo appointment.

-Can i smoke the marijuana weed before get tattoo?

It is rather not recommended, the reason some people have more intense pain.

-Can i have a drink before get tattoo?

No It not advised to get tattooed while under the influence of alcohol.
Alcohol does not help you against pain.
It actually makes the process more difficult for you as well as the artist and raises the risk of complications.
Other drugs pills, medicament, aspirin are also not recommended.

-Can i bring friends to my appointment?

Yes, you are welcome to bring a friend or two, but please don't bring more than a few people.
Our studio is not big enough for large groups.

-Allergy with Latex?

We use Unigloves Pearl nitrile gloves, which are 100% latex-free and powder-free.
If you have any allergies, please let us know before your appointment.

-Can i get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding?

No, it's not recommended to get tattooed while pregnant or breastfeeding due to the potential risks to your health and your baby's health.

-How old do you have to be to get tattooed?

It's illegal to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 in Thailand.
In addition to the mandatory minimum age required by law, we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

If May parent Sign and come with me ?

No. All tattoo clients must be over the age of 18 and provide valid issued photo ID.

-If you have any allergies or special medical conditions

Please inform us before your appointment, and if you have any concerns or questions about getting your first tattoo, we are happy to explain the tattooing process.

-Problems with frequent drop in body tension.
Please let us know if this happens to you often.
For medical procedures (hospital injections, at the dentist, etc.)

Your body reacts to stress by releasing hormones. These hormones make your brain more alert, cause your muscles to tense, and increase your pulse, and can cause discomfort, linked to a drop in tension due to stress or others

-Advice for haemophiliacs

Talk to your doctor before getting a tattoo to make sure it's safe for you.
Please inform your tattoo artist that you have hemophilia, and avoid getting tattoos on the most vascularized parts of your body.

-Skin diseases

Ask your doctor before getting a tattoo, and please inform us about any skin problems you may have.

Tattoo No Pain
“We don’t use Numbing cream”

The reason.
-Between allergies and possible reactions for customers.
-Can cause damage to the rendering of the tattoo upon complete healing.

Customers who use this product will be responsible for their allergies or other skin damage or tattooing, we will not be responsible at any time related to the problem with the use of this type of product.

Link Faq:

Information & faqs aftercare tattoo
Please follow our advice for a good healing of your tattoo.

To ensure quick healing and a beautiful tattoo,
it's important that you follow the care instructions given by your tattoo artist.

Your tattoo artist is there to help you care for your new tattoo.
Listen carefully to their advice to ensure a safe healing process and a perfect end result.

Every tattoo is unique, and your tattoo artist will be able to give you personalized advice,
on how to care for your tattoo based on its placement and size. It's important to follow their advice to ensure optimal results.

Listening to your tattoo artist's advice can help avoid complications and infections and ensure your new tattoo heals properly.
We strongly encourage you to follow the care instructions for the best possible result.

Below you have the most important instructions to follow

Team Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Thailand

A tattoo done correctly by a professional tattooist, who respecting the hygiene is only one part.

The other party is yours to do the best to respect the stages of healing.
By simply not following one or two of the instructions listed or not listening,
you could greatly damage your tattoo or spoil a beautiful work.

Please take the time to read it carefully and respect your tattoo.

We prefer to use a bandage, it is better to put a protective bandage.
The time to go back to your hotel or your home.
Leaving with the ( Bts, Skytrains ) or taxi or walking with tattoo just made and staying in the open, we do not advise.

Remove your bandage after 2 to 3 hours maximum, clean your tattoo well with water and neutral soap, dry it, let it air.

Your tattoo needs to dry and breathe.
Make sure your sheets and blanket are clean.

The purpose of this dressing is to protect your new tattoo against dirt, dirty hands, airborne bacteria and other infectious elements that,
we come into contact with during the day.

A freshly made tattoo lets the fluids filter out for about 30 minutes after the procedure, which is normal and with a plastic package.
Do not worry, the dressing should not stay in place for more than 3 hours, do not re-do a bandage.

Wash your tattoo morning and evening with clear water for 7 to 10 days or until healing.

Never apply alcohol or other creams and lotions without asking your artist before doing anything wrong with your tattoo.

Keep your tattoo clean and wash your hands before touching your tattoo or before applying the appropriate cream.

keep your tattoo out of the pool while your skin starts to heal.

The risks in swimming pools are the products used in hotels, plus any kind of bacteria that are in the water with other people who use the pool.

If you like to swim in the ocean, wait until your tattoo is finished to heal we do not recommend the beach and the sand it, the sand is dirty or of the stones can damage your tattoo, see an infection.

Stay far out of the sun the maximum for at least three weeks, the enemy of the tattoo is mainly the sun.

Do not wear tight clothing on your tattoo that could cause friction, it would damage your tattoo quickly.

Be sure to wear only cotton and ample or big clothing, forget all kinds of synthetic material that can make you irked.

Do not spoil or not scratch your tattoo during the healing time.
If you have any questions, call or contact the store as soon as possible.

New clothes coming out of the factory contain a lot of infectious substances and toxic chemicals, Wash them first.

Tight clothes and nylon stockings, polyesters, etc... can rub and remove the protective coating of your tattoo, which increases healing time and can cause color loss and infection.

For exemple you buy new clothes in the many shopping centers or markets opened or near the street in Bangkok.

Continue to pay attention on days 1 and 2 after the tattoo.

Wash your tattoo with ph neutral water and soap, but wash your hands first!.

Once the tattoo is well cleaned, do not rub or scratch the dead skin, dry it with a clean towel.

It is perfectly normal for your new tattoo to seep and throw ink and leave marks on the sheets and clothes.

Never apply alcohol, lotion or any other type of ointment without consulting your tattooist.
Wash your tattoo daily sometime crust is forming, do not worry.

When a crust forms, the itching that accompanies it is normal.

Do not scrape it or not scratch.
Most tattoos heal in 3 to 10 days.
Well cared for by a healthy individual.

Avoid excessive water and direct sunlight better not do the bath, just standard shower with your new tattoo.

If you bath, do not allow your new tattoo to remain submerged for more than a few moments.

Do not allow the shower to beat on a fresh or healing tattoo.
This may prematurely release any flaking that you may have, resulting in colors loss.

Always do soft tap your dry tattoo, not do strong rub your skin.
Do not worry if part of the skin should fall.
This is normal after 3 to 5 days.

Never expose your new tattoo to direct sunlight.
A new tattoo has no sunscreen capability and will burn quick in direct sunlight.

Sunburn will result in prolonged healing time, excessive crust and certainly loss of color.

For the first week take it easy at not go the gym and whatever physical activities that can cause excess perspiration and let your tattoo heal.

Its only a week, a nice tattoo lasts a lifetime.
It is solely up to you.
Forego on training at the gym while healing, constant expanding and contracting of the tattooed skin area will certainly cause scabbing of your tattoo.

Your new tattoo has been applied under the strictest guidelines.

-All needles are new and sterilized.
-All tubes are sterilized.

Pigment receptacles, excess pigments, rinse cups, and any other items are disposed of after use.
Latex gloves are worn by the artist at all times.
These too are disposed of after each use.

There is no possible way that any bacteria or communicable disease can be transmitted while you receive a tattoo following these standards.

If you are not sure of the healing of your tattoo, call me or contact and tell us what’s wrong or what’s worrying you.

Your tattoo let it breathe, the body heals fine on its own.

The cream is just to prevent dryness and cracking and if overused will suffocate the tattoo and make it gooey and scabby and leach color from it.

Sleep with clean sheets in the case of your fresh tattoo coming into contact with your bed, alternatively wear a clean t-shirt.

Do not apply sunscreen on your tattoo for the first 4 weeks.

No swimming for the first 7-10 days, longer for chlorine pools.

The tattoo must have totally finish healing off and be smooth before being submerged in the water for any amount of time.
Showers are okay, baths and spa’s are not.

No picking, rubbing, scratching or ‘helping off’ of scabs or fresh tattoo areas.
Very important, this will result in color loss.   

Tattoo Goo

This durable, easy-to-carry tin has some big-time natural ingredients that aid in healing and protection.

Made with premium olive oil, this balm is formulated to mimic the natural oils that occur in your skin, so it goes on smooth and absorbs well, because moisturized skin means more vibrant ink.

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Bepanthen First Aid

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Vaseline Intensive Care​
Vaseline Intensive Care​

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Vaseline® Petroleum Jelly provides dry skin relief and protects minor cuts.
Made with 100% pure petroleum jelly.
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