Tattoos Artistic Modern Concept.

Abstract art is an artistic concept that distorts objects and uses lines or brushstrokes to create an idea of ​​an object, place, or person, rather than a precise visual representation.

Abstraction is a variation on a standard perspective and has been used by countless artists in eastern and western artwork.

Abstract art can be found in ancient works of art, in the form of designs of tribal animals and the use of patterns to represent elements and places such as wavy lines for water and triangles or for the mountains.

Abstract tattoos are more and more popular around the world.

There are many styles of abstract tattoos, one of the most popular of which is abstract linework which can tackle any number of themes in simple line shapes, with a single line becoming a modern concept with a single continuous line.

The abstract designs reveal a surreal and artistic quality of the people who receive this type of design.
The client finds himself carrying an original work of art on his body.
When the tattoo artist has the freedom to express himself through his art.

Abstract tattoos can be geometric shapes, or brush strokes with splashes or drips of paint, with shapes simplifying as much as possible.

An abstract tattoo can represent a physical object, animal, place, or person, but it can also be used to express emotional and spiritual ideas.

Ink splatter, made to look like a paint splatter, is used to accentuate the figure. Dripping ink streaks are included to create an artistic look.

Portrait tattoos are another type of tattoo design that works well with an abstract theme.

The abstract is limitless and allows for many different themes and concepts so that the individual can express themselves in a unique and new way.