Meaning of the word sak-yant.

-Sak meaning tattoo or to tap.

-Yant is the thai name for yantra.

-The 11 rules.

1. Don't eat star fruit, pumpkin, or any other pumpkin-type vegetable.
2. Don't be anyone's lover if the person is already married.
3. Never slander anyone's mother.
4. Do not eat food from a wedding or funeral banquet.
5. Don't eat leftovers.
6. Do not walk under a clothesline or overhanging building.
7. Don't Walk Under a Banana Tree.
8. Do not cross a single headed bridge. Large or small bridges are not prohibited.
9. Do not sit on a ceramic urn. Especially not on a cracked or broken ballot box.
10. Don't let a woman lie on top of you, or sit on top of you either.
11. Don't allow a man to be brushed by a woman's blouse or skirt, or crossed in front. Especially during the menstrual period.

Normally not, the "Ajarn" masters choose for you, now in many tattoo shops you have the catalogs and you can select the design that suits you

The prices vary according to the tattoo shops or the masters "Ajarn" in relation to their reputation.

With us we can make sak-yant, please note that we only work with a tattoo machine and we not do sak-yant blessings, if you want to make a traditional sak yant tattoo with a blessing, we advise to see with a master "Ajarn" who will be able to do it for you correctly.

You can do sak-yant in tattoo shops, in temples that specialize in sak yant or with "Ajarn" masters all over Thailand.

The Sak-Yant Hah Taew ( 5 lines / 5 Rows ) Traditional Thailand Magical tattoo meaning. Popularity and Earned Compassion
Hah Taew, 5 lines, the five row yantra. represents 5 yant’s or magical spells.

Yants are chants, or Khatas and the sounds are pronounced over and over to invoke a state of the mind where the mind can create magical spells.

They are chanted 108 times

1. The first row prevents unjust punishment and leans in your favour when the area is grey, cleans out unwanted spirits and protects the place you live in.
2. The second row reverses and protects against bad horoscope constellations and bad fortune.
3. The third row protects you from the use of black magic and anyone who tries to put a curse on you.
4. The fourth row energizes your good luck, success and fortune in your future ambitions and life style.
5. The fifth row is to gain charisma and attraction to the opposite sex. It also is a boost to the fourth row.
Yant Ha taew has differing Katas with many masters, and is often especially composed for each particular person’s destiny/Fate. But in general, there are 3 or 4 main versions which are used in most cases.

The sanskrit is an old ancient script, to say what it means, you have to study for some years to be able to translate the text correctly.

Ajarn meaning is the master

The bamboo tattoo is a way of doing tattoos, you have the long traditional metal rods, and also the chop sticks that some tattoo artists use to do their tattoos.

No, only the people who learn of the ancient texts are able to translate the sacred texts for you.

The exact number of sak-yant designs is impossible to say with precise accuracy, it could correspond to an infinite encyclopedia, to date you have new sak-yant that are constantly being created.

Sak Yant Information & Lexique Preface.

Correctly explained the exact meaning of sak-yant is not easy for several reasons.
You should understand that the translation is from Sanskrit (Pali), and translated into Thai in the old books.

Sanskrit - Thai Script - To English.

You can have variations on the translations or the names of the sak-yant that change, or assumptions about the meaning and meanings of each design.

Each sak-yant is unique in its composition, each Buddhist khata or prayer is linked to the monks who compose it or to the ancient manuscripts that have been transmitted from generation to generation for several centuries.

You can find different versions of Sanskrit in countries like India, Burma, Laos or also Cambodia for a Khmer version.

There is a debate around who belongs the sak-yant and the sacred writing, for us it belongs to no one and to all at the same time.

Sanskrit Pali is learned over a long period of time, both in a school specializing in ancient languages ​​or with Ajarn masters (master) in the temples.

Not everyone can read Sanskrit, beyond the complexity of the prayer sentences, they cannot be correctly translated into the basic language in English.

Hence the importance of doing your sak-yant with traditional "Ajarn" (master) monks, who have studied for many years, who will also explain the meaning of your sak-yant to you. (when he speaks your language).

In tattoo shops around the world, sak-yant are made for their symbolism or for their beauty of composition and especially for the strong demand of customers.

How many tattoo artists can actually say the correct meaning?

Too few tattoo artists are able to tell the true meaning of each design to their clients.

Or to just do the designs in the right way, we often see on the internet like Pinterest or google image etc ... sak-yants that have been tattooed in the wrong way (reverse - inverted), which is quite a shame for the person who wears it for life, or sak-yant totally false or with intentional errors or also patterns made for decoration.

We have done different description and meaning pages on some of the most popular sak-yant and the ones we know a little about. (even if after several years, we still have not finished our research entirely).

This in an aim to help people who are looking for information, and to best explain what we have learned, for passionate people and to make an exchange. 

We have no plans to do all the patterns with all the meanings let alone a book!

Thank you for your many emails or questions about the meaning or wanting to translate the Sanskrit Katha.

But do not think that we can translate everything in its exact sense and you give all the answers on all the sak-yant or every name, much too complex and long to explain, and especially the encyclopedia of sak-yant is almost endless.

This is draft work, we have been passionate about sak-yant since 2007, after visiting Wat Bang Phra temple and receiving the blessing of our Ajarn (master), we became a student like many other the (Luksit).

We wanted to push our research in this area to try to understand the meaning of certain sak-yant and its history which surrounds the sacred prayers and these virtues of protections.

At Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Thailand, we encourage people or our clients to go do their sak-yant in temples or directly with recognized Ajarns.

Why ?

The experience which is unique with the meeting with your master.
Only the Ajarn master monks who have studied, can activate your sak-yant and bless and give you the protections properly, if you believe in magic and powers.

Some people say, machine tattooing or traditional needle tattooing doesn't have the same protective value?

Everyone thinks what they want, the Ajarns don't use a tattoo machine (well we haven't seen them yet).

We do sak-yant, but not to all customers who request it.

For example, people who are afraid to go to temples for reasons of hygiene or who are afraid of traditional needles for pain or who do not have time to wait, or who want to choose their location and designs etc ...

For those who are thinking of getting a tattoo with an Ajarn master in our studio, it will not be possible, we are just tattoo artists, we are not monk or Ajarn.

For requests for blessings, it will not be possible at the studio, you need to do with a Ajarn Master for like this.

For Bamboo tattoo requests, this will not be possible, we only work with the tattoo machine.

Our work already offers us what we want in the art profession with other types of design.

Sak Yant is not our priority for getting tattoos, our approach as mentioned above is to help and build something around the history of sak-yant.

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