Color tattoos are a visual explosion of artistic expression Bangkok Thailand.

Old School tattoos in color are a tribute to the past and to the classic aesthetic of tattooing.

From skulls with motorcycle helmets to iconic swallows, these full-color tattoos exude a rebellious energy and nostalgia for the golden age of tattooing.
Colored sea anchors are also popular, symbolizing stability and attachment to strong values.

The world of manga and cinema inspires many color tattoos.

From Japanese masks from Demon Slayers manga to soot balls from Studio Ghibli, these visual references translate into vibrant and evocative tattoos. Fans of these universes can thus display their passion with original and colorful creations.

Japanese flowers, such as peony and cherry blossom (sakura), are often depicted in color in tattoos.

These delicate and luminous creations celebrate nature and the ephemeral beauty of life.

Modern color tattoos push the boundaries of artistic expression.

From pocket watches to wings, religious references to movie symbols, these colorful creations are a blend of imagination and creativity.

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