Dotwork Tattoos 

Dotwork creates unique awesome intricate designs.
They are designs that are made up of tiny dots to create an overall piece of art that takes a lot of effort to create.
Dotwork tattoos, this technique is used especially for geometric designs, are one of the most Complicated are created with dots.
The dot tattoo is done with black ink, or grey ink, also with Red color choice for dot work as it creates a great contrast with black.
The dots technique is used for mandala tattoos.
Hand poking requires a lot of patience, these specific designs are complex and take hours to put together.
Getting a dotwork tattoo is more long time than a regular color filled tattoo.
If you are looking for an original style, then a dot work tattoo is exactly the best for you, this designs look amazing.
The work in dotwork in forms simple to more complex, animals, landscapes.
There are many possibilities to make a unique artistic drawing design, You can turn a lot of other designs into nice looking by using this style.

What’s really great about dotwork tattoos is that you can use this style with just about any design you can come up with.