About Us Biography​ 

Passionate about the arts in general of any type.
The architecture of ancient temples, museums of all kinds on art.

The starting point all started with the graffiti for several years,
I am fan ultra fanatic comics to quote some of my favorite artist (Giraud / Moebius - Caza- Enki Bilal - Philippe Druillet - Vaughn Bode)
And of course the artist HR Giger with these extraordinary achievements.
And many more artist painters, sculpture and more ...

The tattoo arrived after my period of art schools.

I started this job first to learn how to clean the shop, clean the instruments properly, learn how to talk to customers, understand their team and, observe tattoo artists during their tattoo sessions.
It was a few years after I was able to start the tattoo.

My experience of more than 20 years in tattooing.

Going to several countries to meet tattoo artists specialize in their work.
And also the best time a long passage at Jimmy Wong in Bangkok for 7 years of continuity that has been great for the trips to conventions abroad,

Meetings with all the customers and lots of global tattoo artists or specialist in tattoo magazine.
Have given me the opportunity to manage one of these shops for a while.
I still still have to thank him, he bring me a lot in my job.

My job is my life and especially my passion.
Happy to do this job and respect our tradition of tattooing.

The tattoos that I realize are in all styles.

Many people come to see me, to repair their design or to cover their old tattoos,
Some are poorly done or simply have trouble with a few years of life.
Cover old scars, burns or other body damage.

Is really interesting, and gives us a real pleasure to see people happy once the work done, leave with their tattoos.

People often ask me for deep black graphic black work designs, or in traditional Polynesian Samoan tribal maori styles.
Big black patties on a whole arm.

What I prefer is the Japanese tattoo, the history and the culture of Japan the way how creates the designs of the composition of the tattoo it is fascinating.

I also do lettering of any writing style, Gothic, trash, chicanos, standard, latin, Tibetan, Thai designs, etc ...

Old school color watercolors tattoo, Asian Indonesian Japanese Indian design.
After all the rest also dot work geometric fantasy arabesque mandala patterns, fine tattoos, lines only on the body etc ...

I will continue to write a more detailed text of advantage when I have more time

Thank you all