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Celebrity Tattoo Charyl Chapuis

Super Player Football Thailand Hakuna Matata Asia



Tattoo tatau tribal special design and request, drawing custom for Charyl Chappuis.
Mixt with many patterns lettering old designs make with another tattoos artists.
Work In Progress !
Tattoo สัก Sak Yant Hah Taew


Polynesian & Old School


Sak-Yant Ha Taew

Tattoo Style Manga Cartoon Game Special Design For Cc7 Charyl Chappuis.Football Theme & Manga - Games Mario Bros Pikachu Dragon Ball Song Goku Kamehameha Donald Duck Bart Simpson Capitain Tsubasa Dots
Work In Progress !


Manga Design


Charyl Chappuis

Was very happy to make a special design for Charyl Chappuis,This Design is Unique,This Tattoo is Protected By Copyright, any copy of this design is Strictly prohibited .

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