Special Guest Player Football Brazil


Diogo Santos Rangel Cliente Especial 

Cliente Especial
Play Football In Thailand 2016 ,When he come for make the tattoo with
Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Thailand.
Muito Obrigado meu Amigo Diogo, ter confiança para fazer a sua tatuagem projeto. Trabalho feito por, Kyosaï Black Cat.



Pictures Tattoo Jesus and the favelas with a boy who dreams of football Drawing Model.



Thank You ! For Your Comment Diogo



Interview Tv Brazil & Speak About The Tattoo

Diogo Santos Rangel, is a Brazilian football player. 

Diogo Santos Rangel come to the store for a special request for his tattoo design with a unique creation that was talking about his life.

A young child who holds a football "to the design of his country Brazil".
It is down the streets of the favelas in Brazil. This young child who had a dream of becoming a professional footballer.
Jesus Christ must be in the height of the favelas and who stretches out his arms with an aura of light around him and a sentence "My Go is the god of impossible".

The design of this design was made by "kyosai black cat".

(I speak only about of technique to explain the difference of skins in the world.)

It was not so easy to adapt to his arm for many reasons, Tattooists can confirm that doing a tattoo on a brown skin is not easy to do, In theory we are limited enough to render with a lot of gradations from the brightest to the darkest and not be able to play ,on a large ranges of details.

The first reason for the difficulty for achieving this tattoo is, this style of skin is very sensitive and fragile.

And during the realization of the tattoo have not see well or can the work done on the moment, It is necessary to wait until the skin is healing to see well the final rendering.

It was a pleasure to make this unique tattoo for Diogo Santos Rangel.

Graphic Black Ink Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Parlor In Thailand special design for Diogo Santos Rangel, this Design is Unique,This Tattoo is Protected By Copyright, any copy of this design is Strictly prohibited .

Thanks again for the confidence and to have come to Graphic Black Ink Bangkok Tattoo Studio 13 Thailand.

And a good continuation in your life. See Ya Amigo.

Some Information about Diogo Santos Rangel.

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