Tattooing Black Ink & Colors

Tattoo ink is a vital component of the tattooing process, and as such, it is crucial to know the ingredients used in the ink.
At our shop, we take great care in selecting the inks we use for our clients.
We have a wide range of black and gray inks, which we source only from professional sales for artists in the United States or Europe.

We only use inks that are certified authentic, numbered, and have expiry dates, ensuring that they are safe and of the highest quality.
Our experience of over 20 years of tattooing with black ink has allowed us to identify the inks we prefer,
and we take pride in sharing this information with our clients.

We do not have any sponsor for the ink we use, and the selection of the brand is purely a professional and artistic choice.
It is important to note that there are many other brands available in the market, and we have tested most of them.

One crucial factor to consider when selecting tattoo ink is the ingredients used.
We always aim to use inks that are vegan-friendly, free of heavy metals, and have low levels of potentially harmful compounds.
Our black ink is made using carbon black, which is a derivative of organic materials such as animal bones, and we are transparent about this information with our clients.

We also take into account the ink's compatibility with various skin types, ensuring that our clients with sensitive skin,
can still get a tattoo without experiencing any adverse reactions.

At our shop, we take the safety and satisfaction of our clients seriously, and we always strive to use the highest quality inks.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding the inks we use or the tattooing process,
please feel free to ask us for more information.

Dynamic Black Ink Usa
Dynamic Black Ink Usa

Dynamic Black Ink Usa.

High QualityTattoo Pigment.

Dynamic Tattoo Ink is a pre-dispersed, premium ink created.

Dynamic is known for creating black pigment that goes easily into the skin, stands out boldly, and maintains its darkness even after healing.

Silverback Tattoo black Ink​
Silverback Tattoo black Ink​

Silverback Ink tattoo inks are among the most used tattoo inks for black and gray work in a class of its own.

Developed and manufactured in the USA under strict guidelines.

Approved according to valid EU resolution and the German tattoo agent regulation.

Suluape Black Intenze​
Suluape Black Intenze​

The black tatau ink that passed the test of time.

INTENZE teamed up with the Suluape Tatau family of Samoa to create a tattoo ink so perfect for tribal tattoos that you'd think it was crafted by the Samoans themselves.

Now you can also trust that the ink is safe and reliable as well as beautifully dark and easy to use.

Intenze Zuper Black​
Intenze Zuper Black​

Zuper Black tattoo ink, the darkest and most intense black developed by Intenze Tattoo Ink!

All INTENZE products are sterilized and contain 100% Vegan friendly ingredients.

We do not test on animals.


Intenze True Black
Intenze True Black

With INTENZE's staple black ink, True Black, there is little need for a different foundational black for lining or solid areas.

We combined the best of both worlds and created the most perfect standard black tattoo ink on the market.

Buy this tattoo ink and judge for yourself, you won't be disappointed.


Originally formulated in Japan comes the formula and ingredients for a truly safe and amazing tattoo ink.

Give your tattoos the ink they deserve. Now made in the USA!

These formulas incorporate organic elements, and are vegan friendly. 

Cheyenne ink
Cheyenne ink 


Panthera Black Ink​
Panthera Black Ink​

Panthera Ink is one of the best black inks on the market.

It is particularly good for line work, shading and tribal tattoos.

Panthera Ink settles brilliantly in the skin and has the ability to bring your tattoos to life as soon as they are applied.

Black Stallion Pure Black
Black Stallion Pure Black

Black Stallion Pure Black
Made up of Carbon Black, Distilled Water, Alcohol, and Vegan Glycerin.

Simple and safe ingredients for healthy tattoos.

Tattoo Ink World Company

The list of brands of colors and black and gray inks that we use in the shop.
We will soon update this section on the article of inks and pigment to give you a maximum of information.

StarBrite Colors

StarBrite Colors

Tommy’s Supplies is one of the original producers and sole owner of the registered trademark name “StarBrite”, which is a full 160 color line of tattoo inks that are bottled, labeled, sterilized, tested, and shipped according to FDA stipulations.

After years of research and development, consulting with the FDA, and meeting all of the guidelines specified, we have some of the most authentic & cleanest tattoo ink that exists today.
Tom Ringwalt Jr. has put a lot of time and effort into producing our #1 product “StarBrite Colors”, which has developed a big reputation worldwide over the last 20 years and still growing.

We are very knowledgeable about the tattoo supplies and tattoo inks we carry because our company understands and cares about the people we talk to everyday.


 Fusion Ink​

Fusion Ink​

Tattoo artist and family ran.
Fusion Ink has a much higher pigment load than any other ink on the market today.

Fusion Ink is not packed with fillers as are a lot of inks on the market today.

You will see and feel the difference.

Don't just take our word on it, just take a look at some of the work done by the top tattoo artists who now use Fusion Ink.

Once you try Fusion, you will know the difference.


Eternal Ink

Eternal Ink

​Eternal Ink is the brand trusted by tattoo artists around the world.

We lead the way by setting strict standards in product consistency, quality ingredients, and outstanding performance for our tattoo inks.

We take great satisfaction in knowing that artists believe and trust in Eternal Ink.

We quality control every step of the process so the stunning bottle of Eternal Ink you bought last month will be a dead-on match with the bottle you'll order next month.

We know that consistency is critical to you, your art and your reputation.

We know because we are artists, too. That is the real secret of Eternal Ink ... Made for artists by artists.


Intenze Ink​

Intenze Ink​

We’re artists who wanted a harder-working, higher-performing ink, so we decided to make our own.

That was back in 2002. INTENZE was the first company to label its bottles, the first to offer a 54-color set, and the first to publicize ingredients.

Gradually we began to refine the product and process, realizing that a remarkable pigment is one that performs for any artist, under any condition.


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