All our needles are manufactured by large professional companies, they are all sterilized and packed in their original boxes with their expiry dates.

We use traditional needles for standard machines.
And also needles cartridges for rotary machines.

For bamboo chopstick tattoos for the hand poke, needles are sterilized.
All the needles are new and are sterile and will be unpacked in front of you.

Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles by Eikon

Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles by Eikon

Developed by Eikon and manufactured to our precise specifications, each Hydra Premium Tattoo Needle is made from medical-grade surgical steel and features needle points that have been precision ground to perfection.

Inside each box you will find an evenly pulled, bright solder on every needle.

All Hydra Premium Tattoo Needles are carefully inspected prior to packaging to ensure that each needle meets our strict.

Micky Sharpz Needles Uk​

Micky Sharpz Needles Uk

Micky Sharpz Needles Uk​.
High Quality Sterile, pre soldered, ready made, on the bar tattoo needles.

Made from ISO 9001 certified Stainless Steel.

Victor Portugal Needles

Victor Portugal Needles

Our Needles are manufactured with 316L Surgical Steel with the highest quality needles, which means a totally safe and toxicity free tattoo procedure.

Along with its precision lead-free soldering and very low nickel level, VPN is one of the safest needles with the best quality control in the industry.

Cheyenne Needles​

Cheyenne Needles​

Cheyenne Needles​ Safety Cartridges by Cheyenne are synonymous with innovation, hygiene, and safety.

These cartridges have a unique build and a patented safety membrane that set them apart from other cartridges. The elaborate sterilization process and hands-on quality inspections by experienced experts ensure hygienic and safe operation.

Safety Cartridges

Kwadron Cartridge Needles​

Kwadron Cartridge Needles​

Kwadron have established a reputation for manufacturing some of the highest quality tattoo needles you can get.

Full Time Eak Needles cartridges​

Full Time Eak Needles cartridges​

Full Time Eak Needles cartridges​ High quality needles, made by a professional tattoo artist Needle Cartridge are manufactured with the highest quality control in the industry.

316L Stainless Steel Needles - Medical Plastic Cartridge Tips
The cartridges made and assembled in the most hygienic condition
100% sterilized by E.O. Gas.


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