First of all the tattoo is largely bearable, no reason to worry and be afraid to get a tattoo, we are here to advise you and work gently in the most sensitive areas.
The article below is an idea of the most sensitive areas to the less painful areas.
Our experience in tattooing for 20 years, allows us to give you the right advice to follow.

The pain varies between human beings, each person reacts differently to the pain threshold over a short period or long tattoo session, and the area of your body getting tattooed.

The difference is made on humans of male or female sex, age and your lifestyle.

People who are well rested, who eat well, and who do not stress before their tattoo session, have a better chance of managing the pain than a person who will be stressed several days in advance who eats can and does not sleep before coming. at their meeting.

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The most sensitive areas of the body for tattooing are places with thin skin.

  • Head with face, neck, around the eyes, mouth, lips, ears
  • The chest, with the ribs, the nipples. anything that touches the ribs
  • Stomach, between the legs around sex.
  • Inner thighs
  • The knee, feet and ankles
  • Spine
  • inner arm, elbow, wrist, hands fingers.

The less sensitive areas of the body for tattooing are the places with thicker skin, the outer parts of the body.

  • The outer arm, the forearm.
  • Some places in the chest
  • Parts of the shoulder.
  • Parts of the back.
  • Outer thigh.
  • Parts of the leg.